TruETA Dispatch-to-Delivery Automated Solution

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Take control of the obstacles that compromise your customer service and affect your bottom line. TruETAⓇ, a powerful automated software solution, calculates and displays estimated time of arrival for each stop along a truck’s route from dispatch to final delivery.

TruETA is available to users of TMW’s Innovative IES, TMW.Suite, TMWSuite and TruckMate software. This outstanding solution is designed to help commercial and private fleets:

  • Lower operating costs while improving on-time delivery performance
  • Take advantage of exception reporting capabilities
  • Reduce the risk of dissatisfied customers

With TruETA, your team gains the benefits of fact-based calculations that account for required driver rest breaks and remaining Hours of Service (HOS) at each destination with the PC*MILERⓇ HOS planning engine. In addition, the solution uses the ALK® Maps commercial mapping platform to offer the ability to visualize live traffic flows, weather overlays of current radar, cloud cover and road surface conditions. For your dispatch team, having an arsenal of near real-time information quickly identifies potential scheduling issues.

And the solution generates alerts that indicate the probability of each vehicle meeting its customers’ scheduled pickup and delivery times, and reduce the need for distracting dispatcher-driver phone calls and mobile communications messages.

TruETA benefits include:

• Enhanced productivity and operational costs with automated fact-based calculations instead of manual data entry and faulty guesswork
• Revenue growth from improved customer service and repeat business
• Increased driver retention with efficient planning, real-time mapping and more
• Visualization of live traffic and weather conditions enabling you to swiftly identify potential planning obstacles 
• One solution that reduces dispatcher-driver phone calls and mobile messaging.

Clear, reliable information makes the difference in the transportation services industry. TruETA provides concise, accurate, real-time information for each leg of every trip.


Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.