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The power to control miles and control your costs. Win your final mile.
What if you could increase first-load capacity and make your drivers more productive, all while reducing overtime? As a building material dealer, you need a flexible solution that helps you quickly respond to last-minute changes and offers real-time visibility. By reducing your overtime and miles, Appian FinalMile helps reduce your overall costs.

Building Materials

Real-time visibility. Automated route optimization. 
Whether you’re delivering to a business or to a job site, an accurate and cost-effective distribution operation is essential to be successful. From dispatch to advance delivery planning to schedule visibility, you need truck routing software that will help manage the transportation planning and execution process while adjusting for seasonality and other changes in environment, technology, and personnel. Appian FinalMile software from TMW Systems does just that.

With Appian FinalMile, you get:

  • the ability to handle last-minute requests or unexpected emergencies
  • immediate access to schedule visibility
  • the full power of our algorithms
  • real-time visibility to trucks, drivers, and delivery status
  • ease of tracking on-time performance
  • automated route optimization
  • ability to get updated ETAs
  • reduced miles for reduced cost

Save time and money.
Our software products give you the ability to optimize your transportation planning and execution at every level. Our customers typically see a return on their investment within 3-6 months, and the savings benefits are across the board: miles, hours, vehicles, planning time and operating costs.

Manage all of your resources. Get company-wide visibility.
With Resource Planner, you have access to up-to-date route and order information, and you can assign visibility to your sales and customer service teams. Ensure that your plan meets all your operational constraints by tracking time windows, asset types, capacity, driver skill sets, and more. Sales associates can create calendar placeholders when taking orders which auto-update to actual orders once details are entered. Resource Planner also eliminates the need for grease boards and post-it notes, replacing them with an electronic calendar-style route board that reduces manual order entry and gives you company-wide visibility to your delivery schedule Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to quickly adjust routes, change vehicle types or drivers, and reschedule orders.

With Appian FinalMile, win your last mile operations with more efficient and effective routes.

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Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.