Automate Estimated Arrival and Departure Times

With hands-off capturing, storing and updating of route data, the information is even more useful and widely available to your stakeholders and customers. Communicating through integrations with PeopleNet or other onboard systems, DRTrack lets managers, customer service and sales personnel access delivery schedules, monitor route info, review estimated delivery times and GPS trip history.

Additionally, with DRTrack you can grant your customers secure, web-based track-and-trace access to their shipments only and provide high-value self-service options to win new business.

DRTrack Features:

  • Increased shipment/trip visibility
  • Delivery delay alerts
  • Improved customer service
  • Performance reporting
  • Improved route compliance
  • Advanced Routing and Scheduling Optimization
  • Real-time Dispatch to telematics providers or DRTrack’s optional mobile app

Hands-Off Capturing, Storing and Updating of Route Data

Using DRTrack you can:

  • Using integrations to key telematic providers, see the exact, current location of drivers/trucks for specific or key customers
  • View routes to see if drivers are ahead or behind schedule
  • Provide proactive notifications to customers for route delays
  • Get automatic updates to schedules based on real-time GPS feeds from your GPS provider
  • Allow customers to log in for track-and-trace using your existing GPS provider; see just their actual or estimated delivery times
  • Analyze driver/crew performance and route data over time (mileage, hours, etc.)


DirectRoute for Routing and Scheduling Optimization

Efficient, flexible and easy to use, DirectRoute for Trimble FinalMile is the standard in routing and scheduling optimization. DirectRoute can be used as both a business planning tool and a daily operating platform. Whether it’s modeling fixed routes, analyst design, and bidding, or daily dynamic routing, DirectRoute streamlines the planning process by combining your complex business rules with advanced mathematics in an easy to use intuitive platform.

By helping companies lower transportation costs and control field operations, DirectRoute helps private fleets and dedicated/3PL providers save time and money both in the office and on the road while dramatically improving customer service.

DirectRoute Benefits:

  • Increase route profitability
  • Optimize routes to reduce miles, trucks, and costs
  • Accurately match equipment and driver needs to routes
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce the time it takes to generate route plans
  • Extensive customizable reporting
  • Financial analysis of routes and fleet operations
  • Improve control over field operations
  • Provide what-if analysis Generates ROI in months

DRTrack Add-Ons

Here are some great products that extend the functionality of DRTrack. Please contact us for additional options.

DRTrack Integrations

DRTrack integrates with solutions from many partners. These are just some of the many integrated solutions that are available.

“The biggest gain that we realized right away was in DirectRoute it’s multi-truck dynamic routing so the router could actually plan all the routes at the same time and then realize the cost savings within the solution.”

Kevin Powell, Director of Branch Operations, Jasper Engines


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Customer Success Stories

We have many examples of how DRTrack has provided real solutions for business.

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