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End-to-end visibility, so your products stay fresh and safe. Win your final mile.
When it comes to food safety, freshness is essential. It’s important to have visibility and efficiency throughout your delivery process to stay ahead of all your deliveries. Only Appian FinalMile from TMW can provide the long-term, efficient solution you need to win your last mile operations.

As the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) comes into full force, food suppliers in the USA are more aware than ever of the need to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to dealing with food contamination. Transporting food, and all the trucks, drivers, planning, and preparation it requires plays a vital role in ensuring that the food supply is safe.

Food Service

Better routing efficiency. Better time window performance. 
In the demanding world of food service, time matters. Customers want their products delivered on time, every time. With advanced routing and dispatch from Appian FinalMile, key personnel can access delivery schedules, monitor route info, review estimated delivery times, and GPS trip history directly on the web. Grant your customers secure access to their deliveries for track-and-trace purposes and to provide high-value self-service options to win new business. 

To be successful, you need truck routing software that will help manage the transportation planning and execution process, adjusting for seasonality and other changes in environment, technology, and personnel. Your system must offer synchronized routing and dispatch to seamlessly coordinate your plan and manage the execution of that in real time. You also need the type of reporting to make the business better going forward. Appian FinalMile software from TMW Systems is designed to do just that.

Last Mile Savings
Time is of the essence in food service, and Appian FinalMile saves you time no matter what step of the process you are on. In fact, our customers see savings in every aspect of their business: miles, hours, vehicle utilization, planning time and operating time. 

Delivery Tracking and Routing
From static to dynamic routing, Appian FinalMile offers the tools to optimize to your unique routing environment. GPS data from every step of the process seamlessly integrates into our software. That means everything is automatically updated and you can quote actual arrival and departure times for every order. Keep track of miles planned versus miles used, driver hours, on-time performance, and more. Ensure that food deliveries get where they are going on time and safely, including accounting for seasonality, environment, and personnel.

Additional Benefits
Benefits of Appian FinalMile on your bottom line include:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Improve customer service and time window performance
  • Build and optimize static route territories for both sales and delivery operations
  • Increase capacity utilization
  • Quickly handle re-routes
  • Generate route profitability and cost-per- stop reports
  • Account for seasonal shifts
  • Planned vs. Actual reporting
  • Manage by exception

Appian FinalMile gives you all these features and more, with no hidden fees or surprise commitments. It seamlessly integrates into your workflows and your food service customers’ workflows.

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Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.