Predict.Fault Codes

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Be proactive--think predictive.

Running assets? Frustrated with unplanned repair issues and associated costs? You now have a formidable partner with the TMT Predict.Fault Codes application from TMW. The maintenance solution enables fleet professionals to anticipate and address potential vehicle breakdowns and unscheduled service needs. This powerful app is the first tool offered under the TMT Predict Series of maintenance analytics solutions.

Can Predict.Fault Codes benefit your bottom line? First, consider the numbers: maintenance costs for heavy haul vehicles in North America have increased an estimated 50% since 2012.  Of those costs, as much as 20% is associated with vehicle breakdowns and other unplanned service events.  Add to this towing charges, lost billable hours, the purchase of replacement parts, shipper penalties and reduced margin, and the end damage to fleet owners can be thousands of dollars—for each unplanned event.

Now, consider what you could accomplish if you had a way to know in advance and prepare should one of your trucks or heavy equipment throw an unexpected critical fault code. The result: rewards to your business in terms of minimized involuntary downtime, increased customer satisfaction levels, and improved fleet utilization.

Don’t React—Anticipate and Act
TMT Predict.Fault Codes software lets your maintenance department do more than react to problems—your team can anticipate events before they happen and have a repair crew standing ready.

When fault codes and other vehicle data indicate an increased probability of failure, a dashboard alert appears within the user’s TMT Fleet Maintenance software identifying the fleet’s assigned equipment and vehicle identification numbers; chance of failure; diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and description; the likely performance variables triggering the probability; and other key equipment and signal values.

The application works with the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway (PMG), capturing key meters and other signal values representing more than 80 vehicle performance variables. The data is analyzed in near real-time and via a dashboard within the TMT Fleet Maintenance software for fleet managers to easily identify and determine a plan of action. 

With TMT Predict.Fault Codes You Will:

  • Increase equipment uptime;
  • Decrease unexpected downtime;
  • Identify and prioritize potential problems in trucks before breakdowns happen; 
  • Be alerted to unforeseen failures with your on-road fleet;
  • Save costs by avoiding higher cost of repair performed as a breakdown repair; 
  • Improve customer service and on-time performance; and 
  • Lessen cascading damage and repair costs. 

Predictive, protective and proactive 
Safeguard your investment with the solution that helps you prepare for sudden maintenance issues.  Decrease unexpected downtime by having the information about the health of your vehicles and equipment readily available. Make it easy for your fleet managers to proactively schedule service and repair at the best time and location. Improve your business operations and enhance customer satisfaction with TMT Predict.Fault Codes.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.