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Upcoming Webinars

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On Demand Webinars

LTL/Intermodal/Specialty Innovator of the Year: Armour Transportation Systems

In fewer than four years, Armour has achieved top performer status. An automated billing process gives customers accurate and timely billing while reducing overhead. And, utilizing just one app provides full visibility of LTL freight moving through their system. See for yourself and determine which processes can be duplicated in your operations.

Energy Services Innovator of the Year: Crestwood Operations

Learn how Crestwood Operations uses a full suite of Trimble transportation software to increase visibility, promote efficiency and reduce variable costs in fuel, labor and other operational expenses. 

Non-Asset Innovator of the Year: Traffix

With the simple mandate to push the limits of their TruckMate transportation management system, Ontario-based 3PL Traffix has leveraged their fully integrated software to maximum potential. See how they run at peak performance and identify ways your business can learn by example.

Best Practices: Capitalize on Your Investments with TMT Warranty Recovery

0%, 1%, 10% - What type of warranty recovery rates do you see for your covered parts? While results can vary, the reality is, many TMT customers average a 10% return on their warranties simply by running the TMT Warranty module the way it was designed to operate. If your number is less than 10 or even 5% in recovery, there may be money on the table that you are missing.

Are you using the Warranty module to its fullest potential? It’s time turn up the heat and take advantage of TMT’s leading tool for ROI. Not yet licensed for the Warranty module? Not to worry. Our team can also help you get access to this critical aspect of TMT.

Don’t let your OEM and parts companies skate past their warranties. Join us for this important session and learn how to re-evaluate your company’s use of the TMT Fleet Maintenance Warranty module.

The Winning Playbook for Affordable Fleet Maintenance

Success for any sized fleet means safety, equipment uptime and reducing costs. One of the most critical aspects to reaching that is a maintenance program designed to make your company win.

How does your playbook stack up?

Improvements in fleet maintenance tools and procedures are benefiting small and medium fleets every day – by enabling them to make better decisions and improve uptime and safety.

“True” ETA: Calculating With the Right Stuff

Take control of the obstacles that compromise your customer service reputation and affect your bottom line. TruETA is a powerful, automated web-based software solution that calculates and displays the estimated time of arrival for each leg along a truck’s route--from dispatch to final delivery.

Shift your service performance into turbo after learning about how TruETA utilizes HOS and traffic data to calculate accurate ETA, provides visibility, manages by exception and contributes to your staff’s efficiency.

The Top 10 Issues the Trucking Industry Faces

The trucking industry is no stranger to issues that can hinder production if not understood. ATRI President Rebecca Brewster will join us to share the results from ATRI's latest Top Industry Issues survey and help us understand how to put the research to work in our own operations for a safer and more productive trucking industry. ATRI’s research is making the road we travel a little clearer and easier to navigate. In this webinar, we'll cover ELDs, CSA, the driver shortage and congestion.

Quarterbacking Your Shop: How ‘Intelligent’ are Your Maintenance Operations

You’re experiencing inefficiencies in the shop and too many powertrain breakdowns. What can you do to see the whole playing field including repeat repairs, preventive maintenance cycles and keep up with the score? You and your team are invited to the huddle to strategize on your next plays for consistent wins. It’s all about bringing business intelligence tools into the fold. 

Learn how to identify and track KPIs that are critical to your maintenance operations; how to deploy effective mechanic and shop scorecards with TMW Reveal; and how to identify (and prevent) inefficiencies and breakdowns by tracking repeat repairs and analyzing your pm cycles.

Business Process Review - TMT Fleet Maintenance Assessments

Join us for a discussion with the Director of Key Accounts about the Business Process Review - TMT Fleet Maintenance Assessments. This session focuses on how the Professional Services team at Trimble Transportation can help you realize the full potential of your TMT Fleet Maintenance or TMT Service Center product. In this session, we will go over the Professional Service Assessment Options and discuss how this is completed and the potential return on investment. 

Making the Move to Omni-Channel Freight Service

Online retail is having a profound effect on the traditional supply chain. Freight carriers are experiencing changes in delivery volume and frequency, as well as an increased demand for residential delivery. With these changes come a greater demand for customer visibility of delivery status. As a result, more carriers are faced with the challenge of rethinking their delivery models.  They are broadening the scope of their services to include final mile delivery.