Sheetz/CLI Transport

By implementing TMWSuite, CLI has mastered the complexity associated with the continued expansion of the Sheetz network.

The Challenge

 Eamonn Clarke has worked in multiple trucking industry dispatch environments. “You normally hear phones ringing off the hook and see some pretty frazzled people,” he said. “But the number one thing you’ll notice when you come to my office is how quiet it is. You can hear crickets.”

This serene environment is proof of the high levels of confidence and control established by Clarke and his small team of distribution specialists at CLI Transport, the dedicated fuel carrier serving the six-state network of Sheetz convenience stores and restaurants.

Sheetz is one of North America’s fastest growing chains, adding dozens of new locations and pumping well over one billion gallons of fuel annually. CLI feeds the network through a fleet of 135 triple-seated tractors that complete a combined average or more than 600 daily deliveries. Clarke and team are also responsible for forecasting and maintaining inventories at each of the 530-plus stores and scheduling, creating and delivering loads that match an ever-evolving demand pattern. And they are dedicated, above all, to safety, efficiency and “never letting a store run out.”

Given these demands, it might come as no surprise that CLI’s dispatch operations weren’t always so calm – at least not until the company replaced its overmatched dispatch solution with TMWSuite software from TMW Systems.

“The system we had before couldn’t keep up with the growth,” Clarke explains. “We’re adding 30-plus new stores per year and rebuilding a good number of the older units, so having a system that is dynamic and flexible is key.”

 “(TMWSuite) is a fantastic tool. If you really want to have control of your business, cut your labor costs and have a good vision of what’s happening out there, I would highly recommend it.”

- Eamonn Clarke, Petroleum Distribution Manager, Sheetz/CLI Transport

The Solution

Sheetz truckTMWSuite is a comprehensive transportation management solution ideally suited to energy and fuel delivery businesses. This end-to-end solution enables planning and dispatch professionals to ensure a superior customer experience while eliminating dozens of manual processes that detract from their ability to make the right decisions at the right time.

By relying on TMWSuite, fuel supply businesses can:

  • Dramatically improve inventory forecasting and replenishment
  • Eliminate run outs and retains
  • Maximize efficiency of existing equipment and drivers
  • Eliminate ETA issues
  • Accommodate strong, sustained network expansion

The Result

By implementing TMWSuite, CLI has mastered the complexity associated with the continued expansion of the Sheetz network. With each new store comes not only an additional delivery point, but also a new set of sales trends and inventory forecasts. “We’re able to add a new store and just “consume” it (into TMWSuite),” Clarke explained. “We get it set up, establish the sales trends and it all just falls right into the mix.”

And although that mix becomes increasingly complex, CLI has yet to lose its precise control over every element of the customer experience, and at last count had completed 65,000 loads (and counting) for the year without a runout. 

“Sheetz wants the people at its stores to focus on inside sales and not have to worry about ordering loads. All they ever have to know is that when a customer pulls up to the pump, there’s going to be gas there – 24 hours a day.”

Clarke uses the solution’s inventory module to import network point-of-sale data every 15 minutes and update sales and inventory forecasts four times per day. By eliminating surprises, he and his two distribution specialists can concentrate on planning the most efficient routes. “We don’t have drivers being held up and losing efficiency by having to call in to us because a load won’t fit or ‘I don’t have my route.’ When you take away the chaos, it lets everybody do the job they are supposed to do, which is safely deliver petroleum products,” he explained.

By implementing TMWSuite, CLI has mastered the complexity associated with the continued expansion of the Sheetz network.