Learn how TMW helped all of NFI's divisions manage, streamline processes, create uniformity across divisions, and provide the flexibility to meet their individual customer’s needs.

The Challenge

 Serving customers across a variety of industries, NFI is dedicated to providing flexible solutions. Privately held since 1932, the Cherry Hill, N.J.-based supply chain solutions provider offers dedicated transportation, warehousing, intermodal and brokerage services. The company-owned fleet consists of more than 2,200 tractors and 8,200 trailers.

“We’re predominately a dedicated carrier so we rely on opportunities to customize solutions for customers to grow and succeed,” says Matthew Battista, vice president of IT client services. “When investing in software, we look for something robust enough to provide an end-to-end solution but simple enough for our users to adopt and operate.”

Adapting to and facilitating NFI’s growth was a challenge with the company’s proprietary software, according to Michael Hayden, vice president, operations and implementations. “Our previous solution was very challenging when onboarding a new customer. It required custom development and custom training each time,” he explains.

 “TMW has been a tremendous partner. From the outset, they understood us – they spoke our language and were really able to dig in and help us migrate onto their platform pretty seamlessly.”

- Michael Hayden, Vice President, Operations and Implementations, NFI

The Solution

NFI truck

 NFI turned to the TMWSuite platform to operate both its asset and non-asset businesses. The new solution fulfilled the need for a TMS that was scalable, flexible and uniform, one “that can be used to manage all of our divisions, streamline our processes, operate in a uniform way across different operations, and provide the flexibility to meet each of our individual customer’s needs,” Battista notes.

The Result

NFI truck

NFI is now benefitting from the TMWSuite solution’s exceptional scalability and flexibility as well as carefully designed workflows that help streamline processes and preserve data integrity.

“From the very start, we’ve been able to put TMWSuite to work the way we need it to from an operations standpoint,” Battista says. 

The customer onboarding challenge is solved, as well. “Now with our ability to take on new business more rapidly, we’re actually able to go sell that benefit and really grow our revenue,” Hayden explains. “Previously, we would go into any new business looking for a 90-day lead time; now, depending on the size and complexity, we can realistically start up anywhere from 15 to 30 days.”

Confidence is much higher among the system’s users as well – confidence that they are making timely, informed decisions. “In the past, there wasn’t a lot of control around processes and how data can be manipulated, so it was hard to trust,” Battista explains. “TMWSuite allows us to operate how we need to in order to satisfy our internal and customer needs.”


Confidence is much higher among the system’s users as well – confidence that they are making timely, informed decisions.