Hirschbach Motor Lines Case Study

“Even with fuel prices at an unusually low level, we’re seeing significant savings per gallon—savings that will be even more important when the market pricing goes back up.”

- John Vesey, Fuel Compliance Specialist, Hirschbach Motor Lines

The Challenge

With a fleet of more than 950 tractors, Hirschbach Motor Lines leadership wanted to access daily, local retail fuel pricing and to deploy comprehensive, fully automated fuel plans for each lane and vehicle—effectively and efficiently.

The Solution

The ExpertFuel solution is integrated with Hirschbach’s transportation management, dispatch and mobile communications systems; it provides comprehensive fuel plans to each driver. The solution factors in:

  • Vehicle Fuel Level and Consumption
  • Fuel Network, IFTA and State Tax Implications
  • Out-of-Route Miles
  • Route and Tank-Fill Policies
  • Approved Terminal Fueling Practices
  • Available Driver Amenities

Hirschbach can also use the solution to track driver compliance with fueling instructions for training purposes.

The Result

TMW Systems’ ExpertFuel solution is helping Hirschbach Motor Lines, one of North America’s leading refrigerated carriers, save between $100,000 and $350,000 per year.  ExpertFuel combines fuel and routing optimization for drivers to purchase fuel at the best price along their actual routes. With a click of a button, management has all discount information, purchase history and lane analyses, giving the company greater leverage when negotiating the best possible deal from a retailer.