Heniff Transportation Systems


Learn how Heniff leveraged a suite of innovative technologies to impact their bottom line ROI that totals into the millions.

The Challenge

Heniff Transportation has been operating throughout the U.S. since 1998, and has become a leader in the liquid bulk transportation sector over the years by focusing on several critical mechanisms for achieving business growth: strategic acquisitions; a commitment to high safety standards and achieving high customer satisfaction ratings; an extreme dedication to continuous improvement and putting the most efficient processes in place; and by recognizing the critical role of technology and embracing best in class technology solutions.

In an industry that is not yet fully operational with many of the latest technologies, Heniff was seeking to leverage transportation technology as a competitive advantage and to be the shipper of choice for their customers and drivers – distinguishing themselves by their service level and their commitment to innovative technology. To that end, the company wanted to empower internal staff with every possible tool necessary to perform their job duties in the most efficient manner. They wanted to measure KPI’s often, and fix problems early. They wanted to use technology as a market differentiator by offering state of the art value-added services that make it extremely easy to do business with Heniff, and help solve their customer’s business requirements. In addition, Heniff was seeking to provide top-notch stewardship of their customer’s products in a safe, efficient and timely manner – as well as providing full customer transparency into shipment status freight information.

The Solution

Technology for the Transportation Lifecycle

Early Days, TMW Systems

Heniff was looking for technology solutions that would help them across the transportation lifecycle – particularly to help drive operational efficiencies, increase fleet mobility communications, and provide real-time visibility across all of their operations. In 2001, Heniff began working with TMW Systems, a Trimble Brand, on a range of activities including accepting orders in dispatch to recovering warranties at the shop level. Based on early success, Heniff was ready to embrace the full capabilities of TMW’s transportation management software, and, in 2005, Heniff went live on TMW’s signature TMS, TMWSuite. Today, Heniff uses TMWSuite as their operational hub supported by additional decision-making technology such as:

  • TMW ExpertFuel Provides intelligent routing to determine optimum fueling stops to reduce overall fuel spend.
  • TMT Fleet Maintenance Provides shop mechanics the ability to create repair orders, track tank wash services and invoice for those services directly from the maintenance software.
  • TMT/Tank Wash Integrating TMT Fleet Maintenance with the tank wash mechanic workstation at all of their tank-washes allows Heniff to streamline invoicing/labor tracking at wash level to improve efficiency; generate automatic billing; integrate into AP/AR to streamline back-office operations; and provides Heniff the ability to accurately forecast headcount needs based on wash volumes and commodities. The integration is also scalable, allowing Heniff to quickly start up new locations.
  • TMWSuite/Tableau Analytics By linking Tableau Analytics directly through TMWSuite, Heniff is able to automate the management of KPIs and reporting and provide key customers with a customized dashboard of key KPIs – also available via mobile app. The integration provides real-time analytics for key measurements such as customer revenue, cost per mile, turnover rate, headcount, idle equipment along with the ability to build automated reports for the end user.
  • Comdata RFID Tags Using the Comdata Integration module from TMW, Heniff was able to streamline the process of issuing fuel cards to drivers, enhance controls around the process, and equip every company tractor with Comdata RFID tags to allow for cardless fueling.

Growing the Digital Footprint, PeopleNet

By 2010, Heniff was looking for a fleet mobility solution that would help them to increase safety and compliance, reduce cost, and allow them to provide greater customer service. They began to work with PeopleNet, a Trimble Brand, to get in-cab network communications, mobility, and analytics that have helped to streamline fleet performance and boost decision-making ability. Today, Heniff attributes much of their success to what they have been able to accomplish together with PeopleNet:

  • Link Integration/PeopleNet ELD Tablets Flexibility achieved by pairing the PeopleNet Link appliance with PeopleNet in-cab tablets allows Heniff not only to obtain actionable data, but streamline other business areas as well – giving them the ability to use the data obtained to make intelligent business decisions.
  • PeopleNet OnCommand Integration The integration provides continuous tractor monitoring; fault code alerts that are sent immediately to shop personnel and the appropriate terminal facility; proactive identification of major mechanical problems based on leading fault code indicators; the ability to utilize fault code history to identify units with high failure rates; the ability to generate reports delivered daily to terminal facilities.

The Power of Merged Technologies

As their technology initiatives evolved powered by PeopleNet and TMW Systems, Heniff began launching programs that combined those technologies with in-house development of their own:

  • Heniff Driver Safety/MPG Improvement Program – A custom built, fully automated driver scorecard that pulls information daily from PeopleNet Link, SpeedGauge API, the National Weather Service, and TMWSuite generating a daily snapshot of driver performance with drill-down capabilities.
  • Heniff Mobile Driver Scorecard – A custom built enhancement to the driver scorecard system that utilizes the PeopleNet Link to deliver directly to the PeopleNet PD4/tablet devices in the vehicle allowing drivers instant access to the scorecard on a daily basis.
  • Heniff Driver Reminder System – A custom built reminder system using the same logic that was used to develop the mobile driver scorecard, leveraging data in TMT Fleet Maintenance and TMWSuite to determine when a driver’s medical requirements, i.e., physical, etc. are past due, or when the tractor is coming due for preventive maintenance services.
  • Three additional custom integrations – A custom built Geo-fence customer detention/billing process using PeopleNet GPS data; custom integrations that import SpeedGauge incidents, MWH, and OER events directly into TMWSuite; custom built integration that loads trailer virtual odometer information directly into TMT in order to streamline preventative maintenance scheduling.

Expanding into Visibility, 10-4 Systems

In 2017, Heniff expanded their digital portfolio into supply chain visibility by teaming up with 10-4 Systems, a Trimble Brand. Often in the dark on their shipments, Heniff’s drivers and customers could not see the status of more than 99% of their shipments and had to rely on phone calls for exceptions. In this environment, Heniff was looking to gain greater shipment visibility and transparency, and they began to look for ways to leverage the vast amounts of data they now had access to. They also wanted to start differentiating themselves from their competitors by focusing more intently on the customer experience, and when they saw what 10-4 was capable of, they knew it would be a great fit.

Enterprise Freight Portal
Heniff’s custom integration with 10-4 sends TMWSuite shipment data, PeopleNet & SkyBitz GPS data, and EBE scanned documents directly into the Freight Portal system, where proprietary algorithms are applied. The results provide real-time visibility across all of Heniff’s fleets and facilities including end to end visibility; automated, geofenced notifications; dynamic ETAs; real-time transit data; and the capacity for proactive customer service. Visibility in real-time highlights shipments that are running late for easier after-hours team management, custom views provide customers visibility and key status updates, and shipments may be filtered by geographic region, equipment type, or dozens of addition elements for separate monitoring responsibilities.

Heniff is now able to get automated performance, scorecards, and trends; transparency into real-time performance by shippers, facilities, customers and lanes; customizable data mining and reporting capabilities; and transparent on-time performance metrics. Their drivers love it because the system is easy to set up, easy to use, and provides location data, shipment data, GPS, images, and a full suite of information derived from the data they provide to the system. Drivers are now getting real-time notifications and real-time jeopardy notifications so they can notify their customers. The analytics allow them to be proactive in many areas including staffing adjustments and provides dispatcher alerting within the portal so they can focus on exception-based processing and transparency. And with four of Heniff’s own customers now in beta, they have also been able to walk those customers through the process with positive results.

The Result

A proven leader in liquid bulk transportation, Heniff has distinguished itself from its competitors in no small part due to their drive to leverage innovative technologies to impact their bottom line. As a result of their continued investment in best in class Trimble Transportation technologies from TMW Systems, PeopleNet, and 10-4 Systems, in the past seven years, the company has nearly doubled in size, increased fuel economy over 20%, cut maintenance costs, reduced driver turnover rates, improved driver benefits and satisfaction, streamlined order entry, planning, dispatch, and billing processes; greatly improved CSA scores; and realized bottom line ROI that totals into the millions.

With 15 terminals across the U.S., primarily in the Midwest and along the gulf coast, Heniff’s fleet of 500 trucks operates throughout North America, including shipments through Canada and Mexico. Heniff understands the value of having comprehensive operational capabilities that support effective communications and decision making; fleet mobility technology that drives safety, compliance, cost reduction and customer service; and secure, reliable data that gives them real-time visibility across their operations.

“This is a game changer for us. The 10-4 technology has given our customers and internal operation teams real-time visibility to the entire shipment lifecycle. We are already seeing outstanding results with customers and across our network of terminals nationwide.”

- Justin Neal, Director of Business Integration Heniff Transportation Systems