Wake County Case Study


TMT Fleet Maintenance provided better maintenance management and execution to spur fleet growth by over 100 vehicles with up to $20,000 in warranty recovery per year.

The Challenge

Wake is the second most populous county in North Carolina; it includes Raleigh plus 12 other municipalities. The Wake County fleet operates 873 vehicles, such as cars, vans, buses, ambulances and motorcycles. A single shop with the staff of 14 people maintains this extensive and diverse fleet. To improve data entry, the county needed a technological solution to reduce paperwork. The objectives were to automatically assign parts to a repair order, automatically fill parts requests, enhance warranty tracking with comprehensive vehicle repair histories, and report cost by department user to establish lease rates, and provide the right vehicle for each job. It was a tall order. 

The Solution

How could Wake County manage all their transportation assets without more people, more money, and more time? The answer came to them when they implemented TMT Fleet Maintenance, an asset maintenance software solution from TMW.

TMT Fleet Maintenance gives Wake County the dexterity to be more efficient and cost effective through streamlining the management, tracking and execution of all maintenance process for their fleet. The software gives them the ability to integrate the fleet’s three in-house fuel sites, import data from driver fuel cards and monitor fuel usage in real time. With better communication—thanks to TMT Fleet Maintenance—supplying parts and assigning them to a repair order is simplified and accurate.

The Result

As a result, the fleet has grown by more than 100 vehicles. Only one new technician was needed, thus saving taxpayers anywhere between $35,000 and $55,000 annually. Before TMT Fleet Maintenance, there was little to no warranty recovery from the fleet. Now Wake County is averaging between $15,000 and $20,000 each year in recaptured claims. With warranty repairs being performed in-house, the cost of outsourcing the repairs—which included labor and downtime—are significantly reduced.

“We needed an effective, easy to use way to input good data at ground level and a solution that was simple to implement. TMT Fleet Maintenance gives us the tools we need to make better decisions.”

Thomas E. Kuryla, Wake County Director of Fleet Operations