Truck PM Plus Case Study

Learn how Truck PM Plus used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

Truck PM Plus is a truck maintenance firm with multiple locations serving both fleets and the walk-in retail market. The company is committed to enhancing customer experience and increasing retention by optimizing resources to coordinate more efficiently. Truck PM Plus was still relying on an antiquated paper filing system. This prevented the company from quick access to customer information and management repair resources. This also restricted the effortless coordination of operations between multiple locations. The paper-based system was stifling Truck PM Plus’s growth in an increasingly demanding market. They needed to automate their information system to make the retrieval of customer data more efficient and cost-effective.

The Solution

For Truck PM Plus, TMW’s service center operations software, had the capabilities to handle all aspects of managing and maintaining equipment. The company now plans, executes, tracks and bills work almost effortlessly. The software, TMT Fleet Maintenance, enabled the company to reduce costs through the integration of all maintenance functions such as tracking parts inventory, fuel usage, tire usage and mechanic hours. All customer information, like unit information, historical records and pending repairs, are readily available through TMT Fleet Maintenance. The solution allows for automated reminders for customer repairs; this means customers know in advance when preventive maintenance requirements are due. The service reminders help Truck PM Plus tighten its customer relationships and in turn generate more revenue.

The Result

The impact on Truck PM Plus after the full implementation of TMT Fleet Maintenance is significant in different areas of their business. For example, Truck PM Plus has improved vendor consolidation and strengthened its buying power for better pricing from vendors. Also, the company now has a solid understanding as to which mechanic works most efficiently on each job. This gives managers the capability to assign mechanics to jobs in which they will excel, increasing productivity.

Overall, Truck PM Plus experiences continuous benefits from TMT Fleet Maintenance Software. To enhance operations and improve customer relationships further, the company is expanding the use of the system and tweaking its processes.