Southland Sod Farms Case Study

Learn how Southland Sod Farms used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

Southland Sod Farms had to cover substantial territory with deliveries in a sprawling area. Since 1983, the company has produced and transported Genuine Marathon Sod throughout Southern California. The company had difficulty fulfilling orders on-demand due to last minute or late-day delivery changes. On top of this, paper processes stifled accuracy in predicting delivery times. The result was customer dissatisfaction. The company needed a solution that could integrate with existing data and streamline route planning while reducing miles and hours for each delivery. Executives needed a technology solution to fix distribution and delivery problems. 

The Solution

When Southland Sod Farms decided to automate fleet routing, managers could not afford time-intensive coding and integration. Southland Sod Farms needed a relatively fast solution that would provide a quick return on investment. To meet these needs, leaders chose Appian DirectRoute from TMW Systems.

Southland opted for DirectRoute because of its long history and numerous successes as optimization software. This success is due to the key benefits and features of Appian DirectRoute. The system gives the user the ability to control field operations, service customers better with route improvement planning, develop reports that analyze routes and fleet operations, interface to real-time tracking and obtain street level turn-by-turn driving directions. 

The Result

DirectRoute helped Southland Sod Farms reduce operating costs, while flexibly planning routes and improving customer experience. Southland now has the capability to add deliveries late in the day.

“DirectRoute allows us to create larger loads since the weight and space capacity of each route is calculated automatically and checked against the maximums.”

Dick Maulhardt, lead IT Manager