Seashore Food Distributors

Learn about Seashore Food Distributors' seasonal challenges with routing and how they used DirectRoute to solve them.

The Challenge

Seashore Food Distributors, Inc., has been serving southern New Jersey’s small and large establishments since it was founded in 1920. They provide quality fresh, frozen and canned food products to restaurants, schools, hotels and health care facilities. A family-owned business committed to success, Seashore Food Distributors identified a need to improve transport operations. Working in the food business, the company wanted the dexterity to take advantage of seasonal opportunities. These opportunities required a more flexible scheduling and routing system. The company was also seeing a demand for better communication with customers and the ability to improve delivery-time estimates. 

The Solution

Appian DirectRoute from TMW Systems equipped Seashore Food Distributors with the necessary tools to revolutionize its routing process. The entire implementation of DirectRoute was accomplished in one day. The company uses the software solution to optimize final mile vehicle routing and tracking, multiple stops load planning, resource optimization, as well as optimize scheduling. The automated system enables Seashore to reduce route planning to one hour, even during their busy seasons.

The Result

DirectRoute helps Seashore Food Distributors reduce operating costs, improve customer service, streamline route planning, provide “What-If” analysis, and has generated a fast return on investment.