Kuna Foodservice

Learn how Kuna Foodservice used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

Kuna FoodService is a premier food distributor to schools, churches, restaurants, fund raisers, and many other organizations. It operates a fleet of 22 trucks that deliver to customers in the MidWest and Central Plains states. Kuna’s drivers were being routed by memorization of customer delivery windows, arranging order tickets by area and using primary-static routes. The process became a complicated problem when new customers were added, order volumes fluctuated or routes needed updating prior to loading and dispatch. The company’s management team determined that they needed automation with fleet routing software that could coordinate routes, streamline deliveries and save the Illinois-based business money. 

The Solution

Through careful research, Kuna decided that Appian DirectRoute, software from TMW Systems, could improve their routing operations. To ensure a smooth transition, Kuna made gradual changes.

Kuna imported their existing routes in to DirectRoute to calculate accurate delivery schedules for drivers and manage daily route updates based on the actual customer orders received. Before this system, employees manually adjusted routes, now Kuna staff can view updated times and remaining capacity in real-time as the changes are made.

A pay-for-performance incentive system is in place where they use DirectRoute’s setup time and unload rate reports for customers.  A comparison of the planned-to-actual delivery times establishes bonuses for their drivers who exceed the standard.

The Result

Dynamic routes were phased in. Now, Kuna FoodServices is able to eliminate 15% of their routes and generate savings of approximately $4,000 per month, while still meeting their customers’ expectations.

With expertise in the use of DirectRoute, Kuna employees use the dynamic route processing, where they run multiple scenarios for routing before releasing the routes to dispatch. It gives them the capability to choose routes that fit the parameters that are best for their business and customers plus it save time and money. The company continues to expand the use of its solution, with modeling and route-costing tools to bid new business and more.