Knight Transportation

Learn how Knight Transportation used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

Knight Transportation is a provider of multiple truckload transportation services, which involve the movement of full or container loads of freight from origin to destination. Headquartered in Phoenix, The carrier operates one of the country’s largest company-owned tractor fleets. Their refrigerated business operations were founded in 2004 with only five trucks. Knight Transportation has seen a growth of more than 4,000 trucks overall through acquisitions and mergers. Knowing they needed separate environments for their refrigerated and transportation businesses, company leadership performed much research to find a robust, proven software solution. 

The Solution

Knight Transportation chose Innovative IES for IBM i (AS/400) from TMW Systems. The system is quick, straightforward and cost-efficient, aspects important to any company, especially one as large as Knight Transportation.

In 2005, Knight Transportations refrigerated business jumped from 80 trucks to about 240 overnight due after the purchase of another company.

The newly acquired company used Innovative IES. To merge their data, Knight Transportation decided to upgrade to the same software solution and fast. TMW’s Innovative team did everything in less than one business quarter. Planning and implementation was completed without adding extra staff to open Knight’s new, separate refrigerated services.

The Result

Knight Transportation’s experience testifies as to how well Innovative IES facilitates carrier growth and demonstrates the overall scalability. Innovative IES provides a flexible transportation management software toolkit to foster success regardless of where a company is in their growth cycle.  The solution has all the capabilities for growth and allows a company to do it all without incurring additional overhead cost for IT infrastructure and management.