Florilli Transportation Case Study

Florilli Transportation

Learn how Florilli Transportation used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

Truckload carrier Florilli Transportation is in the business of moving temperature-sensitive freight to varying points throughout the continental U.S. The company’s CEO was aware that enhancing business efficiencies was crucial to ongoing success. The Florilli team needed to focus on improving customer service with on-time deliveries, proper trip planning to remain hours of service (HOS) compliant and curtailing the loss of time and money from delays where freight was loaded or delivered.

The Solution

As an existing TMW customer, Florilli Transportation turned to TMW again for help in overcoming their newest challenges. The company used business intelligence tools to generate significant cost savings, plus fuel planning and purchasing solutions. Now Florilli is taking advantage of TMW productivity tools, including a feature called TripAlert. TripAlert monitors and works to optimize a fleet’s on-road productivity. It works seamlessly with Florilli’s existing dispatch, routing and mobile communications systems. The software monitors both power unit and trailer positions in combination with order and dispatch data to:

  • Minimize OOR miles
  • Send estimated time-of –arrival alerts
  • Trigger geofencing alerts
  • Monitor and forecast driver hours-of-service
  • Identify swap opportunities
  • Visualize vehicle location and fleet activity

The Result

TMW features are tightly integrated to optimize route planning and fuel purchase recommendations at the time of dispatch. The company leadership attributes a steady improvement in on-time delivery to TMW’s solutions.

Florilli is hitting all of its targets by meeting the company objectives. With the help of the alerts and follow-up reporting, the company bills 25% more per month than before implementation for detention incurred at shipper and receiver locations.