Cardinal Logistics Case Study

Learn how Cardinal Logistics used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

The final mile or last mile delivery is a niche industry in itself. Carriers in that market deal with the heavy congestion of urban streets or the desolation of rural roads. It is an area of trucking that demands precision, ingenuity and a quarterback’s ability to read the plays. Cardinal Logistics Management Corp., had a routing and fleet sizing solution that didn’t appear to see the whole field. Advances in technology drove Cardinal Management to explore their options. Company leadership saw greater opportunities for growth in the segment. To capitalize on those opportunities, the 3PL leader had to grab a software solution with more flexibility and versatility.

The Solution

After researching the software industry for a best-of-breed solution, Cardinal determined Appian  DirectRoute from TMW offered the most comprehensive set of logistics products on the market. According to one company vice president, DirectRoute provides Cardinal with an almost unlimited amount of the flexibility and versatility that the business sought to handle analytical design and operational deployment

DirectRoute works for any company that has staff or agents in the field delivering products or services. Companies and their customers benefit from effective route optimization and delivery routing management tools. It helps lower transportation costs, controls field operations and services customers better.

The Result

Cardinal is one of the largest providers of final-mile delivery services in the US. With DirectRoute, with a fleet of more than 1,800 trucks and tractors, Cardinal--with an assist from DirectRoute--is successfully moving product along the final mile of the supply chain from retailer warehouses to stores or directly to consumers’ homes.