Advance Packaging Case Study

Advance Packaging Corporation

Learn how Advance Packaging used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management. Read the case study results.

The Challenge

It was a prime example of how automation could have saved time and money. Prior to implementing TMW software, one company employee was assigned to spend up to 25% of each and every workday manually planning and routing stops. It had to be done as it was the key to maximizing Advance Packaging’s trailer utilization. And, there was a degree of complexity that made the manual planning and routing much more involved than just scheduling freight moves from Point A to Point B. Management sought a better way to optimize deliveries to multiple stops, to improve customer satisfaction and take the sole employee out of the trenches.  

The Solution

What can be done affordably to maximize fleet utilization, enhance forecasting ability and improve customer deliver appointments?

Implementing TMW’s automated routing planning helps accurately predict miles and on-time delivery schedules. Advance is able to automate its fleet routing and delivery schedules. One manager indicates that the routes created by TMW software can be loaded and delivered as indicated and that the hours and miles are right on target. Advance Packaging’s outstanding on-time delivery rate is further improved.

The Result

The routing software integrates seamlessly into the company’s existing business systems. Advance management has visibility to better accuracy in forecasting miles and delivery schedules.

Advance Packaging continues to reduce operating costs and improve customer service while streamlining route planning—all while generating ROI in a matter of months.  And, Advance can reassign work to the employee who devoted up to a quarter of the workweek to manual route planning.