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Appian Logistics Software Inc. got its start in 1987 under the original company name of Kositzky & Associates in Oklahoma City. Michael Kositzky, founder and a degreed industrial engineer, was formerly a manager of the operations research consulting practice of Arthur Young and Company. Kositzky was joined a year later by James Stevenson, also an industrial engineer, who remains with the organization today under TMW as VP of Sales.

Beginning as a software consultancy for routing system implementation, the company introduced its own “Geo Whiz” mapping software in 1992. Geo Whiz was followed by GeoRoute routing software in 1996, but when the company changed its own name to Appian Logistics Software in 1998, GeoRoute became Direct Route, a trademark still in use by TMW today.

Appian FinalMile Trucking Software

Software solutions provided by Appian earned them recognition as a leading logistics and supply chain software provider with noted trade publications. These products include:

  • Direct Route - Routing and Scheduling Optimization Software
  • DR Track - GPS Tracking/ Web Reporting
  • Resource Pro - Fleet Sizing and Driver Requirement Planning
  • Schedule Pro - Multiple Week Schedule Optimization Software
  • Territory Pro - Territory Creation

Appian software is widely used by many third-party logistics (3PL) organizations, large and small for route and network analysis as well as bid and proposal development. The Appian name is well-known among private fleets operating in beverage, grocery, retail and restaurant supply as well as building products, nurseries and growers, foodbanks and more.

Appian Logistics Software was acquired by TMW in 2011.

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Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.