3G-TM Planning and 3G-Rating

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As motor carriers, brokers, and 3PLs continue to converge, advanced rating and optimization algorithms are needed to suit the modern transportation industry. 3G-Rating and 3G-TM Planning offer the latest in technology advancements to enable non-asset businesses to model customer and carrier contracts, streamline planning, and minimize the complexities they face. Available in TMW's TMWSuite and Truckmate transportation management solutions, these advanced features are the latest frontier in shipping and transportation:

  • Plan executable loads
  • Reduce freight expense
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Increase shipment visibility
  • Manage carrier and customer contracts
  • Enhance the value of your supply chain systems
  • Seamlessly integrate with your supply chain ecosystem
  • Improve the order to cash cycle

3G Planning and Rating


3G- TM Planning

Planning done with a transportation management system that performs the way you actually need it to, 3G-TM planning is comprehensive.


Simplify Complex Planning

3G-TM Planning makes even the most complex plans simple. From planning month-long backlog to a last-minute adjustment, work with order as they come in and re-plan as often as needed.


Advanced Algorithm

The superior planning algorithm generates plans that consider all mode carriers, multi-stops and pool distributions. The executable results generate the best rates, costs, miles, drive times, hours of ops and load/unload times.


Totally Dynamic

Need to make a change to an order? Dealing with high-volume, dynamic environments? No problem, make changes anytime, even after modeling runs!



Profit management requires easy access to accurate data and rates. With 3G-Rating, it has never been easier.


Fast, Easy Access to Rates

With 3G rating, you get easy access to multiple rate options, using the actual shipping costs and service standards of the expected service. This approach ensures the most comprehensive calculations and the best scenario planning.


Grow Your Business

Expand your LTL offerings efficiently, including in a broad range of contractual options with carriers and customers. Improve your margins without having to manually calculate savings and costs.


Ultimate Flexibility

3G Raing's Auto-LTL freightclass uses dimensional information to determine freight classes, with no effort from you. The native libraries of most popular LTL base rates and carrier services are available or use your own SMC3 license. Offer rates to shippers via a web service for direct communications. Easily calculate your sell rate using a combination of markups, benchmarks, fixed fees and other methods in whatever manner is most convenient for you. 


Want to know more? Download the brochures: 3G-Planning and 3G-Rating

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.