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Attracting new and keeping good drivers are critical to your company's growth and success. TMW has built solutions to help - both from a recruiting and retention perspective.

Your DriversDriverSeat is a web-portal designed to support both prospective and existing drivers. It offers functionality to meet the challenging needs of recruiting as well as encouraging driver retention through increased job satisfaction.

Support Your Recruiting Efforts

As a recruiter, your job is to fill seats with qualified drivers- as quickly and cost effectively as possible. DriverSeat provides the following functionality:

  • Online Driver Application and submission
  • On demand customization of application forms
  • Driver Application Management
  • Complete Integration with TMW enterprise software recruiting module
  • Promote Driver Satisfaction

    DriverSeat has easy and accessible functionality built in that can improve the experience drivers have interacting with your company and their family and friends including:

  • Preview of settlements
  • View scheduled trips
  • Time off requests
  • Contact lists
  • Weather and traffic reports
  • Company News
  • Photo gallery
  • Current location and travel history
  • GPS tracking ...and much more!
  • Your Driver Managers will be able to manage more effectively and build closer connections to their drivers through functionality that lets them approve or deny time-off requests quickly on-line;  post timely news or company policies to the driver community, and; poll or survey existing drivers online about new safety initiatives, benefits changes, payroll changes--anything that might generate strong reactions--and easily collect and report the results to senior management.