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IDSC ExpertFuel

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IDSC ExpertFuel combines high-tech optimization algorithms with trucking-specific routing technology and daily, commercial diesel fuel pricing feeds to bring you unprecedented options to reduce your fuel spend now and to negotiate for even better pricing long term. Hundreds of the best-managed fleets, from 75-truck firms to publicly-held, Top 100 commercial carriers, use IDSC ExpertFuel every day to reduce costs and improve operating ratios.

  • Integrates with all major dispatch systems
  • No additional work for operations personnel
          -automatically send the fueling plan and route to drivers
  • Know if your drivers are complying with your fueling plans
  • Leverage your buying power for better discounts from fuel providers
  • Improve utilization and ROI of your mobile communications systems
  • Sophisticated technology with easy-to-use functionalityIDSC ExpertFuel Purchase Optimization

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