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IDSC Netwise Unlocks Profit Potential

Profitability for Truckload Operations

IDSC Netwise, Business Defense

IDSC Netwise - Business Defense

Defend Your Business Against Rate Erosion and Market Turbulence by Improving Your Freight Mix at Every OpportunityRequest Info

IDSC Netwise: Key Features

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With truckload rates under pressure and most freight business now going out for frequent rebids, how do you protect--or even improve--your company's profitability? With IDSC Netwise plugged in to your fleet operations and dispatch systems.IDSC Netwise for Truckload Carriers

  • Target, price and win the best freight business for your operations 
  • Identify and resolve problem freight - when revenue won't make up for deadhead miles 
  • Focus your organization on continuous profit improvement
  • Align your organization to maximize revenue
  • Conduct "what if" pricing and business analysis
  • Measure load profitability more accurately than ever before 
  • Analyze sales, operations, driver management and more to maximize profits
  • Identify pricing problems and adjust prices strategically-- up and down 
  • Compare your rates to current market truckload rates for benchmarking 
  • Respond to shipper bid requests quickly  and effectively
  • Get your drivers home safely and efficiently, while improving productivity