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Mobile Communications

D2Link From TMW

Smart Dispatch Communications And Vehicle Locations. Affordable For Every Fleet, Every Driver.

D2Link is a cost-effective, mobile data solution connecting your dispatch system to your drivers for efficient load assignment and asset management. It's easy for any size fleet to stay connected with D2Link because it's designed to run on GPS-enabled wireless phones.

No proprietary, tethered devices needed. And the best part is that it seamlessly integrates with dispatch for trip updates and dispatch assignments. 

All About Your Assets

D2Link Wireless CommunicationsBetter asset management is what D2Link will deliver to your fleet. Using GPS-enabled phones, D2Link transfers load and location data between drivers and dispatchers. Dispatchers can view frequent GPS location readings for trucks (as frequently as every 10 minutes or less), and arrival and departure confirmations are automatically processed. Drivers receive load assignments and trip schedules with all the details they need and stay tuned in for changes or updates throughout their trip.

D2Link is trip-smart by design, reducing the amount of data entry needed from your drivers. Less room for error. More room for increased efficiencies through automatic vehicle location (AVL) with frequent GPS readings; basic geo-fencing; and pop-up driver prompts to confirm arrival and departure events. And all of these features are combined with the convenience and flexibility of voice or walkie-talkie communications available from your cellular provider.
Spotty cellular network coverage is also resolved with D2Link, using its store-and-forward capability. Out of coverage, trip updates and location data are stored in phone memory for later upload to dispatch when the vehicle is back in coverage range.

Technology Within Reach

D2Link might help you reach farther in your communications, but you won't have to reach deep into your pockets to afford it. D2link gives you most of the capabilities for trucking with off-the-shelf hardware, existing cellular networks and industry-leading TMW technology. Now, all of your wireless data transmission needs can be met with a single, rugged cellular handset.

D2Link capabilities are dependent on individual handset features and network carrier policies and services. Please consult TMW Systems regarding approved handsets for use with D2Link.

"We started using D2Link in 2006 among our 3,500 van operators with PDAs, primarily installed in BlackBerry type devices. D2Link is a very stable platform for our van operators to manage order information, including proof of load & delivery confirmations. Every piece of information is stored-pick-up and delivery locations, customer information, special instructions, revenue and terminal information. For us, D2Link is a very flexible and reliable tool to manage huge amounts of information...It always works."

Gene Elkins, Vice President,
Loss Control, Claims and Safety Administration, UniGroup, Inc