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Bulk Carrier Operations

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...features that increase productivity and decrease costs while supporting their unique commodity, service and operational business requirements. Bulk carriers-- dry or liquid, foodstuffs or HazMat-- run high-value trailers, tankers and other equipment and often provide specialized services to their shippers. TMW supports this strong service orientation and commodity-specific business segment with capabilities like this: 

 Real-time visibility to resources and loadsDry Bulk Carrier

Commodity compatibility tracking for subsequent loads

Tank wash rules and tracking

Mobile communications integration

Planning tools for maximizing driver productivity

Driver and equipment qualifications and load requirement tracking, business rules and alerts

Decentralized operations support for multi-terminals with consolidated back-office functions

Extensive reporting and KPI/metric dashboards for continuous improvement and higher profitability

Trailer and tractor maintenance management suite for improved uptime and revenues per unit

Bulk carriers also can benefit with TMW's transportation management system integrations to EDI and other electronic data feeds in order to:

Streamline shipper order input and invoicing processes and eliminate redundant data entry

Tie in to industry-specific order and data networks, such as those for fuel or for major chemical suppliers

Improve order accuracy and fulfillment for greater customer satisfaction and higher retention

And for carriers that run longer-haul loads, technologies and features like this offer great pay-back:

Fuel purchase optimization

Identify driver swap opportunities for loads enroute to improve driver satisfaction and on-time performance

Improve operating ratios with detailed network and pricing analysis