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Innovative IES: Key Features

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Introducing the Innovative Web Edition! This 30-minute video covers it all!

Innovative IES from TMW Systems is a trucking software solution designed to join a carrier's systems under the command and control of one program to make the entire trucking fleet more efficient.

Innovative IES is designed to maximize individual productivity, but integrated design drives productivity benefits company-wide. Enter data in one portion of the system or even an integrated partner's system, and that information flows throughout the company, wherever its needed, in billing, settlement, fuel tax and financial reporting. No more time wasted entering the same data twice or more in separate systems. 

Innovative IES

Innovative IES (IES®) is more than simple dispatch software. It is trucking software built for enterprise operations. This means that Innovative IES is capable of not only dispatching a load, but also...

  • Entering orders and master orders
  • Integrating mobile comm., mileage and fuel
  • Tracking check calls
  • Passing order data to rating and billing
  • Recording data on the driver, unit and tractor
  • Managing taxes, detention fees and surcharges
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    Innovative Powers Truckload BusinessWhile the system doesn't stop there, this is a small example of the power of an enterprise level system.

    What It Means To You

    Innovative IES provides all levels of the company real-time information that is accessible, meaningful and easy to manage. By looking at the full carrier organization and utilizing data from every level, IES helps improve decision-making and planning, reduces costs and improves customer service on a corporate level.

    Innovative IES incorporates Operations, Administration, Safety, Maintenance and many other modules for a completely integrated solution. The integration of all applications ensures data integrity, increased productivity and a more profitable operation. For the ultimate in stability, scalability and reliability, Innovative IES runs on the IBM System i (AS/400) platform.


    Innovative Web Edition from TMW Systems on Vimeo.